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The Lurcher Dog

http://www.lurcher-secrets.com Did you know that lurchers got their name from the Romanian word lur, meaning thief? Learn more about this unique dog from thi...

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Playing Lurcher Dogs (Canon 60D)

Two sisters having fun together.

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lamping rabbits with a lurcher, new cam, sony handycam!!!

salukixgreyhound lamping! first test with the sony handycam.

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Intelligent Dog

Strange things were happening at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home when dogs were found wondering free in the night. They fitted CCTV and they found the culprit, a ...

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Lurcher Dog Jumps 5 Bar Gates (and chases balls)


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Lamping with Lurchers

They're dogged up and ready to rabbit. When Sporting Rifle's Tim Pilbeam wanted to show off the best of British sport, he thought 'lurchers'. Cue the Lurcher...

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Hare Coursing (8minutes) | Working Lurcher

for more videos and info go to www.gameandworkingdog.com another 8 minutes of good hare coursing and coursing hares with lurchers.

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Winston - Lurcher Puppy - Residential Dog Training at Adolescent Dogs

Trained by Junior Instructor Natalie Rumbold - www.adolescentdogs.com.

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Lucy the Lurcher Dog

Adopt a Greyhound here : http://www.retiredgreyhounds.co.uk/

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Faith the Lurcher at Blue Cross Burford

Faith is a Lurcher looking for a home at the Burford centre.

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Saluki Lurcher - Running - Southport - Beach - HD

2 rescue pups having fun on the beach.jack russell and salulki lurcher.

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The Lurcher Showground Gallery Pictures 2007 In and around the showring

Pictures taken at The Lurcher Showground during their 2007 Cornish Lurcher Championship Weekend. The pictures in this video are a selection from in and aroun...

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Lurcher training part two, from a pup to lamping, first 12months


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Bark Busters Dog Training Watford & St Albans with Larry the Lurcher

Lynn Prentice working on Larry the Lurcher's recall with owner Linda. Larry had problems of not coming back when Linda called him. The video is a couple of m...

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L.B. Dub Corp - LurcherĀ“s Dub [Mote-Evolver]

PARALLEL SERIES 1 http://www.mote-evolver.com/ Video by the29nov Films.

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Lurcher dogs are nuts - Proof.

My lurcher attacking the jet of water from the hose pipe.

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Jake - the lurcher

Jake is 10 years old & is a lurcher/bedlington whippet.

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Deerhound Lurcher Puppy plays with Irish Wolfhound

Lyra, 5 month old Deerhound Lurcher puppy, met this 3yr old male Irish Wolfhound on a walk and tried to get him to play...!

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Lurcher Racing - Ireland Summer 2014 Dogs Collide at full speed

Lurcher Racing - Ireland Summer 2014 Dogs Collide At a local dog show during the Lurcher racing a dog got free and went onto the track and collided with a nu...

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Rabbit Ferret Lurcher Terrier

Something a bit different, Just a short video of ferreting Rabbits & lurchers, hope you like it, Remember Subscribe, Thumbs up & feel free to leave any comme...

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Lurcher (greyhound wolf hound) V Doberman dog Puppies Playing - Australia.

Created by http://Healthydogtreats.com.au http://Dogwalkersmelbourne.com.au A lurcher was bred as a formidable hunter in the UK and the Doberman obviously ha...

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Lurcher Lamping

Evenings Lamping. Music. The Stones:-You Got Me Rockin. Lazerlite Lamps 500.000cp www.arthurcarterurad.com.

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Lurcher Link Montage 2013 640x480

Dogs rehomed by Lurcher Link in 2013.

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Large Lurcher Lure Coursing

The Large Lurcher category racing at Sussex Longdogs Association 350m track. www.sussexlongdogs.org.uk.

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Scottish Deerhound and Lurcher Yard Chase

The puppies' parents are fast! Watch them chase each other around the yard.

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(1) Clicker training a neglected lurcher puppy

His passport says that he's a "lurcher". No one really knows what mix he is, but he looks very much like a malinois. We call him "Jin" and he will be living ...

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Mona The Lurcher

Mona the Lurcher from Many Tears Animal Rescue.

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Lurcher running free

Lurcher Saluki Greyhound Cross having a run on the Clearings.

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Freddy the Lurcher does gun dog skills and tricks

Freddy, the Lurcher of questionable genetics, shows off some skills whilst pretending to be a gun dog. Then he has a go at being a Border Collie and doing so...

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Lurcher with Tennis Ball - Noah's Dogs

Lurcher playing with Tennis Ball. Check out http://www.noahsdogs.com for information on this breed and over 200 others.

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Chita the Bedlington Whippet lurcher

Our lurcher dog (Bedlington Whippet cross)

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