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Myths & Misconceptions : Greyhound & Lurchers

Myths & Misconceptions : Greyhound & Lurchers

Learn the truth about these gentle hounds.

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Lurchers as Pets

A video on the subject of owning a lurcher as a family/pet dog.

5 mile bike ride with lurcher using new app

As I continue to get bud fit for the coming hunting season I up the miles on the bike and I download a new app called 'komoot' to log what distance I travel and ...

German shepherds v Lurcher

Couple of GSD'S chasing a Lurcher.

Lurcher Racing in Ireland

A few clips of some lurcher & terrier racing in Ireland. These races are held at shows and game fairs over the summer months when the hunting season has ...

Lurcher jumps massive pond!

Lurcher jumping pond at Crosby marina.

Crazy lurcher

via YouTube Capture.

Penny is a typical Lurcher who has her mad, playful moments

Penny is a sensitive, sweet-natured girl who is finding kennel life very difficult. She's a typical Lurcher who has her mad, playful moments and loves curling up on ...

Blue- The ups and downs of a working lurcher

At just less than 2 years old Blue is now starting to develop into a cracking little dog!

Lurcher - active dog breed

It has a short coat and a smooth undercoat that thickens in the winter. The legs are long and straight. The chest is deep, providing lung capacity for endurance.

Lurcher Dog Jumps 5 Bar Gates (and chases balls)


Hunting rabbits with Molly the Machine - Working Lurcher and Ferrets

Ferreting rabbits with Lurcher, long and purse nets video. In this video I go ferreting with Ryan from MW RABBIT CONTROL. We head to his old permission with ...

lurcher training/ field craft, from 12 months on part 1

Part 2 http://lurcher.purzuit.com/video/3A4qR2J007M.html part 3http://lurcher.purzuit.com/video/ZSZ5nUyABKk.html.

Winston - Lurcher Puppy - Residential Dog Training at Adolescent Dogs

Trained by Junior Instructor Natalie Rumbold - www.adolescentdogs.com.

Ferreting with lurcher


Playing Lurcher Dogs (Canon 60D)

Two sisters having fun together.

The Lurcher Dog

http://www.lurcher-secrets.com Did you know that lurchers got their name from the Romanian word lur, meaning thief? Learn more about this unique dog from ...

Myths & Misconceptions : Greyhound & Lurchers

Learn the truth about these gentle (40mph couch potato!) hounds, from Forever Hounds Trust (building on 20 years as GRWE)



LURCHER Puppies playing and training

5 weeks old LURCHER Puppies, playing, socialising and basic training.

Fang the Mink and Onsa the Lurcher Catch a Rat

Fang and Onsa hunting brown rats along a drained canal. They make a great team!

Educating the lurcher pup

Had a hour educating the six month old lurcher pup.

GRSY bull-lurcher Taz stretches his legs!

Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire resident Taz, a beautiful bull-lurcher boy, having a little run through the woods.

Olly - a deerhound lurcher

Lovely Olly in the paddock, he loves his food and a cuddle.

lurcher's working

whippet cross irish terrier cross \

lure coursing South East Lurcher and Terrier lure racing

Lure racing With Dogs Having fun.

Lurcher pups vs rat

6mths old lurcher pups first time seeing a rat.

6 months old lurcher


Lurcher pup 5 month old first ferreted rabbit

Saluki x bedlington x whippet.

Bark Busters Dog Training Watford & St Albans with Larry the Lurcher

Lynn Prentice working on Larry the Lurcher's recall with owner Linda. Larry had problems of not coming back when Linda called him. The video is a couple of ...

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